• Method for adjusting clamping force of strap injection machine

    Strap injection machine is one of the common equipment in injection molding machine. In practical applications, it is mainly widely used in plastic products industry. However, when the strap injection machine is in use, it will encounter the problem of adjusting the clamping force. This is not only related to the normal production of the machine and whether the products produced meet the requirements. It is more important to properly adjust the clamping force of the machine. Extend the life of the machine. So, how to adjust the clamping force of the strap injection machine? Let's take a look at it together.

  • Sole making machine operating specifications and maintenance matters

    With the rapid development of technology, shoe manufacturing equipment has also been greatly improved. sole making machine are widely used in shoe factories, which greatly improves shoe-making efficiency. Today I will talk about the operating specifications and maintenance of shoe making machines.

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