Sole making machine operating specifications and maintenance matters


With the rapid development of technology, shoe manufacturing equipment has also been greatly improved. sole making machine are widely used in shoe factories, which greatly improves shoe-making efficiency. Today I will talk about the operating specifications and maintenance of shoe making machines.

  Sole making machine operating specifications

  1. Matching shoe making machine: toe shaper, heel last shaper, upper softening machine, heel steaming machine;

  2. Board room requirements: Handwork is much larger than the machine board. The first is waste of raw materials. The second is that the toe is extremely uneven when ganging up, causing hair angles or sweeping the upper. The machine board requires moderate opening, especially for high whip surface warpage;

  3. Matching shoe material: whether the midsole is beyond the shoe last, if necessary, trim it with scissors or slightly smaller than the toe. For special toe warp, use white rubber before the midsole. Or the double-sided adhesive is slightly stuck, the total midsole is roughly matched with the toe, and the surface has mesh silk to enhance the adhesion; the midsole edge glue and the upper upper corners are white latex. The ratio of Gangbao water to the faster than the agent is Moderate, too dry and too wet have a great impact on the ganging effect;

  4. Skilled personnel for operating the sole making machine: the upper hand machine is old and the thumbs of both hands are flat and wide, the gestures are correct during operation, and the upper and heel of the shoe should be clipped;

  5. When the new body is used to confirm the board, it is necessary to use the front machine for trial production, and when there is no problem, the average size is switched to large-scale production; the front helper must cooperate with the board tester to repair the board to ensure the smooth production on site;

  6. Mechanized production is a production mode that cooperates with multiple departments and requires strict requirements; close cooperation between production departments of sole making machines is the key. It is recommended to adopt the group piece-rate model in the place where it was originally used to facilitate the process.

Sole making machine

  Sole making machine maintenance matters

  1. To prevent the parts from rusting, the shoe-making machine is coated with anti-rust grease before packing. Before use, the surface grease must be cleaned with gasoline and wiped with a clean cotton or soft cloth.

  2. Install the machine head, frame, motor, and winder as shown.

  3. Before operating the shoe-making machine, you must fill the oil holes with sewing machine oil, and then run the car empty to test run. The direction of movement of the handwheel should be counterclockwise (the operator is toward the handwheel). After the machine is used normally, lubricate it frequently, no less than twice per shift.

  4. After the new shoe machine is installed, there should be a low-speed running-in phase. After running at 250 stitches per minute for a month, the shoe speed will be increased to the rated speed.

  5. The choice of needles and stitches depends on the nature of the sewing and work requirements. When sewing thicker materials, it is not suitable to use too thin needles to prevent needle breakage. The specifications of the needle should generally be matched with the thickness of the suture. The suture should pass smoothly in the needle hole and the groove of the needle. When sewing the bottom of the tire, the suture should be soapy and lubricated.

  The above is an introduction to the operating specifications and maintenance items of sole making machine. I hope everyone will understand the operating specifications and maintenance items of sole making machine, which will be helpful to everyone.

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