shoe lasting machine

  • Heel Lasting Machine

    1. The machine is suitable for lasting the shoes with general and soft midsoles and with the heels within 180mm height 2. Positioning rod is equiped the height micro-adjustment structure ,which makes the height of the shoes lasting adjustment esaily and accurately position 3. We have full sizes of wipers and toe forming bands which are wrapped by chain to fit any shape for the best result

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  • Toe Lasting Machine

    1. The midsole and the vamp do need to cement at first because of the automatic cementing design,it can not only reduce the labor,but also be unglued when heating after forming .Ensuring the perfect shape 2. The adjustment for the third section pincer save more time on putting the shoe in order according to theie size 3. There are two speed changing modes to choose when the last supporter is rising .It can improve the efficiency of production ,especially for the fragile vamps 4. The all movements of lasting and the the wiper is set and adjusted by the touch screen ,the wiper is equipped with micro-adjust and speed adjust function .It makes more easier to adjust

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