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Two Density Rubber Molding Machine
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1. Two density rubber molding machine
2. Turn over Last automatically
3. The moulds are interchangeable with DESMA'S , convenient to adjust and install
4. Drive by hydraulic pressure can work in manual and automatic both

MF-02 Two Density Rubber Molding Machine

Application :

MR-02 two density rubber modling machine is a specially masual machine used in shoe - making industrial . It is applied in the press modling or double-color sole make from rubber ,which is firmly adheared to the uppers after sulfuration .It particularly suites for the production of clothes shoes ,military safty boots ,casual shoes ,slippers ,sports shoes and labor insurance shoes .

Features :

1. Drive by hydraulic presser can work in both manual and automatic states .

2. servo motor system can save 30% energy .

3. Last ,bottom core and side mold heated , temprature controlled and displayed all separately .

4. it is equipped with hydraulic automatic shoe last turing ( one shoe mold with two shoe lasts ). it has the bottom core lifting function and automatic pressure cover function .

5. adopt parallel double joined boarding clamp mold framework which is driven directly by double cylinder .

6. the last pressing adopts the guide rail to reduce the distortion in the process .

7. one set of this machine's hydraulic system and electric parts are all closed in an entirety, so very convenient to adjust and install .

8. one mold has two last when one last works in sulfuration the other one can prepare uppers for high efficiency .

9. for mold's adjustment and insallation manual buttons can rotate last ,press last ,clamp mold and make bottom core up and down .

10. the mold of the machine are interchangeable with DESMA'S 

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